Sentandrejski put 165
21000 Novi Sad
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Yrityksen AGROVOJVODINA - MEHANIZACIJA DOO uusimmat ilmoitukset

Yrityksen AGROVOJVODINA - MEHANIZACIJA DOO tarjoamat palvelut

  • Käytetyt laitteet
  • Uudet laitteet
  • Korjaus
  • Varaosat

Edustetut merkit

  • Zetor
  • Valtra
  • YTO
  • Fendt
  • Lemken


AGROVOJVODINA MACHINERY LTD is a leading Serbian company specializing in sales of tractors, combines and other agricultural machinery, spare parts and carry out service. We represent major global brands such as Zetor, YTO, Valtra, Fendt, LEMKEN and PRONAR.

We are proud to say that the company for nearly 70 years a faithful friend of the local farmers. With his decades of work and effort we were able to gain valuable experience and thus justify your confidence. The company as it stands today, has its origins back to back in 1945 and is the first in the region that from its inception until today deals with issues related to agricultural mechanization. On the basis of established business cooperation with companies as well as with agricultural producers in the country and the region.

The company is based in Novi Sad, where the sales office, service, storage facilities and assembly lines YTO tractor.

Our goal is to offer high-quality, simple, affordable affordable machinery and thereby facilitate and forward the production of our farmers.

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    • used tractor Fendt YTO ZETOR
    • Tractor de ocazie Valtra YTO
    • polovni traktor traktori
    • polovni traktori utovarivači
    • Valtra fendt yto lemken zetor
    • traktor zetor traktor fendt
    • VALTRA traktor polovni YTO
    • polovni kombajni utovarivači
    • prikolice priključne mašine
    • plug komunalna mašina pronar

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    Yritys tarjoaa palveluja, kuten: käytetyt laitteet, uudet laitteet, korjaus ja varaosat.

    AGROVOJVODINA - MEHANIZACIJA DOO edustaa tuotemerkkejä: Zetor, Valtra, YTO, Fendt, Lemken.

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