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The SAMOS, founded in 1956, was changed into ARDENNES EQUIPEMENT, specialist for manufacturing of excavator's buckets, in 1976.

Sold in 1991, ARDENNES EQUIPEMENT is renamed ARDEN EQUIPMENT, an easier name to say abroad. The product range is enlarged to demolition and recycling attachments, digging and rehandling clamshells, multi tine grabs, wheel loader's buckets and other specific attachments. All of them are fully designed by the own R & D department.

ARDEN EQUIPMENT and its subsidiary SUM TECH manufacturing the full range of attachments today are a group with 250 employees and 40 Millions € turnover, thereof export 40%.

ARDEN EQUIPMENT is selling within 38 countries via its subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Russia and Slovaquia as well as through its official dealers network.

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