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BERTI Macchine Agricole SpA is an italian company, among the leaders on international market, thanks to more than 40-years of skill in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery. BERTI has become extremely specialised with the range of flail mowers such as mulchers, shredders, embankment mulchers, forestry shredders and rotary mowers.
The flail mowers offered by BERTI consist of two different lines of products: Agricultural Line and Professional Line.
All these lines make it possible to BERTI to provide a range of more than 250 models. suited for every kind of cultivation and ground conditions and for every kind of tractors (from 15 to 250 HP) and excavators (from 1,5 to 30 tons) of skid steer loaders.
Through the industrial choice of the "specialization", BERTI has been able to employ all the own resources in the development of an extremely reliable, qualitative and high-performing products, well recognized on the worldwide market and always to the service of a biological environment.

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