Rolls Royce Corniche C Autom./Klima/Leder/E-Dach myytävänä - Saksa

Veroton hinta
49 000 EUR
Veroton hinta
49 000 EUR
TuoteryhmäMuut kuorma-autot
Merkki / malliRolls Royce Corniche C Autom./Klima/Leder/E-Dach
Mittarilukema89 000 km
Mascus IDF9EC22B4
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Veroton hinta49 000 EUR
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Moottorin teho156 kW (212 hv)
LisätietojaFahrzeugstandort: Bovenden, Klimaanlage, E-Dach, Automatik, Lederausstattung, Aufbau: Cabrio, Rechtslenker Blaumetallic, vor ca. 8 Jahren für ca. 30.000,- bis 40.000,- EUR restauriert (Lackierung, Technik), Lederausstattung weiß neu, Verdeck weiß elektrisch, The arrival of the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T series in late 1965 marked a major change in Rolls-Royce motor cars, previously the products of Crewe had employed a separate chassis but here was a car using, for the first time in RR history, unitary construction of chassis and body. This change, brought about by modernised production methods and the demise of the old coachbuilding companies inevitably decreed more uniform coachwork compared to the elegant individual designs that had gone before - but underneath the skin the new Rolls-Royce and Bentley offered even greater engineering excellence and sophistication. At the Silver Shadow's heart was Rolls-Royce's familiar alloy V8 engine retaining the same 6,230cc as in the Silver Cloud III/S3 and a power output of around 220bhp. It was in the chassis, however, that important changes were made, most notably all-round independent suspension, including a sophisticated engine pump-driven self-levelling system, and disc brakes. The year after the Silver Shadow's launch a two door coupe with coachwork by Mulliner Park Ward joined the line-up followed in 1968 by a similarly-styled drophead coupé. For 1969 all models had their interiors modified, while the following year engine capacity was increased to 6,750cc. Two years later, in 1971, the two door coupé and drophead models were renamed Corniche, simultaneously receiving a 10% power increase over the four door Silver Shadow that increased top speed to 120mph and dropped the 0-60mph acceleration to 9.6 seconds, startling figures for the time. In 1972 the suspension was completely redesigned for the fitting of radial tyres, greatly enhancing the handling. This is a right hand drive example, described as being in a fairly good condition, with no rust and all chromework in good order. The car has recently benefited from a full bare metal respray in dark Royal Blue, an engine service and brand new white Connolly leather. In its day there was simply no more luxurious and flamboyant way to go top-down motoring - and indeed very few contemporary cars can match the Corniche for sheer style and comfort today. Fahrzeug mit FIVA Papieren. Ident.- Nr. : DRH11804 ZUBEHÖRANGABEN OHNE GEWÄHR, Änderungen, Zwischenverkauf und Irrtümer vorbehalten! - powered by two S

Gassmann GmbH

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Kerro myyjälle, että näit tämän ilmoituksen Mascuksessa.
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    Gassmann GmbH
    • +49 ...NÄYTÄ
      Kerro myyjälle, että näit tämän ilmoituksen Mascuksessa.
    • +49 ...NÄYTÄ
      Kerro myyjälle, että näit tämän ilmoituksen Mascuksessa.
    • +49 ...NÄYTÄ
      Kerro myyjälle, että näit tämän ilmoituksen Mascuksessa.
    • Kielet: Englanti, Saksa, Ranska, Espanja
    • Alte Bundesstr. 48, 37120 Bovenden, Saksa



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Mascuksesta löydät Rolls Royce Corniche C Autom./Klima/Leder/E-Dach merkkisiä koneita muut kuorma-autot kategoriassa. Tämän Rolls Royce Corniche C Autom./Klima/Leder/E-Dach hinta on 49 000 € ja se on valmistettu 1971. Koneen sijainti on - Saksa. Mascuksesta löydät Rolls Royce Corniche C Autom./Klima/Leder/E-Dach merkin lisäksi myös kaikki muut merkit katekoriasta muut kuorma-autot. Lisätiedot - Varastonumero: 1971, Mittarilukema: 89 000 km, Moottorin teho: 156 kW (212 hv), Vaihteisto: Automatisch, Väri: Blau, Varusteet: Ilmastointi