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Videoita aiheesta [Other] AXPAN PRO Axpot 36 Plus
Videoita aiheesta [Other] AXPAN PRO Axpot 36 Plus
TuoteryhmäMinikaivukoneet < 7t
Merkki / malliAXPAN PRO Axpot 36 Plus
ErityistäUusi/Käyttämätön, Vuokrattavissa
Mascus IDC45C4B70
Veroton hintaHinnasta sovitaan erikseen
Yleisarvosana (1-5)
Kokonaispaino680 kg
CE merkintäKyllä
Telojen leveys780 mm
Kuljetusmitat (PxLxK)2450 x 800 x 1600
Alkuperäinen väriCrveno-crna
MoottoriBriggs & Stratton XR2100
Moottorin teho10,3 kW (14 hv)
Takuu500 h
Alarunko100 %
LisävarusteetKašika 20 cm za kopanje
Kašika 30 cm za kopanje
Kašika 60 cm planirka
Brza spojnica
Fiksni hvatač
LisätietojaMini specialized machines for construction, agriculture, landscaping, digging for underground installations and more. The machines are of Serbian origin and are produced in Paracin with the cooperation of the French leaders in the field of hydraulics Hydro Mag Ltd. and France's engineering team AXPAN Pro. All potential clients with a trial test driving the machine, so you are sure in this case, what you are buying and what machines can actually do during the use. Mini excavator AX36 + is the best selling model excavator for 2017 and 2018 as the export of more than 200 units.

It is equally suitable for professional and home use, so that our sales refers to both legal and physical persons. A team of engineers is specialized in designing hand machines, in order to force the excavation was best used and that applies equally well dig the different types of soil. In the opinion of many users, every household or farm should have one of these, because when digging excavator replaces and exceeds three physical workers (see promo video). Special benefit for excavators is easy transporting auto trailer or van because of its specific weight not exceeding 700 kg with all accessories.

Comparison with other machines:
Excavator AX36 + by classification belongs to the group of semi-professional excavator primarily because of its weight, it is important that according to European legislation can be included not only in construction but also in agricultural machines. This is a very useful item because farmers can submit applications for certain funds to co-finance the purchase of the machine. AX36 + by classification does not belong to the group of professional excavator but it is very important to note that it meets all technical standards and standards for use in professional jobs, especially in companies that have strict control of safety (for example the model AX36 + working in the steel mill). Excavator has: rotation, reverse horn, horn, seat belt, roll-bar, night light, hour-meter. . . Comparing the AX36 + Lidra in the production of professional excavator will see that their lightest models excavator 1,200 kg and in addition are 6 times more expensive. Just buying a professional excavator is more expensive initially, but do not ignore the extremely expensive spare parts, while in the case of maintenance excavator AX36 + is not a problem because the equipment is based on the simple principle of hydraulics with components from leading manufacturers. Maximum digging depth professional excavator of 1.2 t was 180 cm, while AX36 + is 130 cm and let us consider the weight of only 650 kg. (See promo video) The problem with the transport can be another inevitable problem so that has to be taken into consideration when selecting the excavator. If you sum up the comparison with professional dredgers and come to the conclusion that you get at a much more favorable conditions excavator that can complete most of the same work as a professional and in addition you have an excellent ratio of price and quality. All potential clients can have a trial test driving of the machine, so that you are sure in this case, what you are buying and what machines can actually do during the use.

Components that inspire confidence:
Engine Briggs & Stratton XR2100 USA
Hydraulic operation valve BLB Italy
Hydraulic motor M + S Italy
Tracks Mini-Top Italy
Hydraulic pump Vivolo Italy
Hydraulic hoses Manuli Italy
Oleodinamica Hydraulic valves Italy
Hydraulic oil cooler AKG Germany
Filtration system Oil Filters MP Italy
DokumentitEarthmovers Micro Mini Article.pdf


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    • Kielet: Bosnia, Kroatia, Englanti, Serbia
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Mascuksesta löydät [Other] AXPAN PRO Axpot 36 Plus merkkisiä koneita minikaivukoneet < 7t kategoriassa. Tämän [Other] AXPAN PRO Axpot 36 Plus hinta on - ja se on valmistettu 2019. Koneen sijainti on Srbija Serbia. Mascuksesta löydät [Other] AXPAN PRO Axpot 36 Plus merkin lisäksi myös kaikki muut merkit katekoriasta minikaivukoneet < 7t. Lisätiedot - Valmistenumero: 01A**2019***, Yleisarvosana (1-5): 5, Huoltosopimus: Kyllä, Kokonaispaino: 680 kg, CE merkintä: Kyllä, Telojen leveys: 780 mm, Kuljetusmitat (PxLxK): 2450 x 800 x 1600 mm, Alkuperäinen väri: Crveno-crna, Moottori: Briggs & Stratton XR2100, Moottorin teho: 10,3 kW (14 hv), Takuu: 500 h, Alarunko: 100 %, Valmistusmaa: Serbia, Toimitusehdot: EXW, Sertifikaatit: CE