Cheng Gong CG990H

Veroton hinta
88 375 EUR
Merkki / malliCheng Gong CG990H
Käyttötunnit20 h
Mascus ID1BF7B523
Toisessa valuutassa
Veroton hinta88 375 EUR
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Verollinen hinta-
Kokonaispaino32 000 kg
Nostokyky9 000 kg
Rungon tyyppiKiinteärunko
PäästöluokkaStage IIIA
Kauhan kapasiteetti5 m3
Moottorin teho251 kW (341 hv)
Huippunopeus32 km/h
Lisähydrauliikan tuotto360 l/min
Kuljetusmitat (PxLxK)9620*3560*3621
Alkuperäinen väriyellow
Renkaiden merkkiCheng gong
ToimitusehdotFOB, CFR, CIF
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  •   All customers who look at machines and buy machines in our company are entitled to gain the same mechanical accessories valued 10,000 yuan
LisätietojaShanghai Zhuwo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995,
the company engaged in excavators, loaders, rollers, forklifts, cranes and
other construction machinery maintenance, leasing and transfer business. After
more than a decade of development, it has become the largest second-hand
construction machinery trading company in Shanghai and even in East China. And
holding a regular business license to ensure that every customer who comes to
negotiate is assured, reassured, satisfied with second-hand loaders,
second-hand rollers, second-hand.

We have inventory of world’s
famous brand equipment,including Caterpillar,Komatsu,Hitachi,


Trade flow: 1: browse goods: according to the second-hand machinery
you need, select the second-hand machinery you need and write down the products
you are interested in. 2: telephone consultation; tell us the mechanical
products you choose online. 3: confirm the itinerary: when you have ordered the
selected mechanical products, please come to our company by air, or by train or
bus. If you need our services, please tell our service personnel where and when
you are going to Shanghai. Our staff will arrange the bus to pick you up on
time as you are told. All the cars we give you during your stay in Shanghai are
free of charge. When you come to our company, we will arrange for a person to
accompany you to see the products you want. You can ask us to show you any of
our machinery. 5: confirm the goods: when you test the machine, decide the
machine you choose. 6: sign the contract: please tell us the product of your
choice, we will give you a contract and related information, you can sign a contract
with us when you confirm it is correct.

(1) We have a very
professional team to solve all problems or buy some quick-wear parts for you.

(2) All photos and datas are
accurately and timely provided.

(3) All machines are imported
legally with complete procedures.

If you have any
question,please contact me any time in 24 hours.

Shanghai Yuanyang Machinery Co.,Limited

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    Shanghai Yuanyang Machinery Co.,Limited
    • +86 ...NÄYTÄ
      Kerro myyjälle, että näit tämän ilmoituksen Mascuksessa.
    • +86 ...NÄYTÄ
      Kerro myyjälle, että näit tämän ilmoituksen Mascuksessa.
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John Deere2318

Mascuksesta löydät Cheng Gong CG990H merkkisiä koneita pyöräkuormaajat kategoriassa. Tämän Cheng Gong CG990H hinta on 88 375 € ja se on valmistettu 2017. Koneen sijainti on ShangHai Kiina. Mascuksesta löydät Cheng Gong CG990H merkin lisäksi myös kaikki muut merkit katekoriasta pyöräkuormaajat Lisätiedot - Käyttötunnit: 20 h, Kokonaispaino: 32 000 kg, Nostokyky: 9 000 kg, Rungon tyyppi: Kiinteärunko, Ohjaamotyyppi: Umpihytti, Päästöluokka: Stage IIIA, Moottori: 康明斯QSM11, Kauhan kapasiteetti: 5 m3, Moottorin teho: 251 kW (341 hv), Huippunopeus: 32 km/h, Lisähydrauliikan tuotto: 360 l/min, Kuljetusmitat (PxLxK): 9620*3560*3621 mm, Alkuperäinen väri: yellow, Renkaiden merkki: Cheng gong, Toimitusehdot: FOB, CFR, CIF