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40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto
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Simex products are designed and engineered to be exceptionally durable and high-performing.

Our attachments are created to solve specific problems related to the myriad applications they are used for, while guaranteeing highly efficient production for the end user.

The production process is guided by a deep awareness that we are a true technological partner for all our customers in Italy and around the world.
Simex know-how is driven by a constant and attentive eye on our markets of reference.

The consolidated skills exemplified by our technical and sales departments stem from the in-depth study of how our products will best meet the application. Simex develops products by focusing on the technical problems specific to each application scenario.
Constant investment in R&D is an essential lever for the success of Simex and the pioneering quality of our production.

The numerous patents Simex has filed over the years are testimony of how Simex maintains and continuously renews its innovative leadership. The company continually produces innovative solutions for the many, and increasingly complex, demands of a market in continuous evolution.

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