Sir Meccanica S.p.A.

Viale Europa, 37
88100 Catanzaro
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With its over 20 year presence in the sector of systems and machine tools, Sir Meccanica has reached a prominent position in the world market for the production of portable multifunction machine tools, and is presenting new revolutionary techniques to carry out grinding work in the production and maintenance of internal and external cylindrical surfaces, in heavy and light metallic carpentry in the sectors of earthmoving, building, agricultural, road constructions, industrial field, machines and plants linked to transport and energy, railway equipment, nuclear plants, mercantile and passenger ships, gas and petroleum extracting towers, military transport vehicles and mining equipment of any brand or size, making innovation, reliability, and qualified customer service its strong points. These sectors are as much receptive as attentive and qualified in approving Sir Meccanica's primary aims, searching for suitable solutions to their needs and always oriented towards the synergy between efficiency and economy.

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