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Company TehnoLift Bulgaria Ltd. is a main activity is the sale and servicing of warehouse equipment, material handling equipment, as well as the sale of any additional attachments, traction batteries, etc. To them.

The company is also a supplier of port equipment (heavy forklifts, pick-up trucks, bulk transport systems, cranes, etc.) - new or second-hand, as well as spare parts - representative of leading world companies such as TELESTACK - UK; TEREX Port Equipment - Italy; SVETRUCK - Sweden.

The main collaborators in the company have many years of experience in this field, which gives us the confidence that we can meet the requirements of each client.

Since February 2014, we have been the official, exclusive partner of STILL GmbH, the world's leading manufacturer of trucks and warehouse equipment /; STILL GmbH

, based in Hamburg, Germany, was established in 1920. STILL has been offering a wide range of warehouse equipment, trucks and complete logistics solutions for many years in its warehouse business . STILL Germany operates on the 5 continents of the planet, with 199 sales and service points worldwide. The company's four plants are located in Germany, France, Italy and Brazil.

Since September 2016, our company has been the official representative of DEXION Storage Solutions, a leading European manufacturer of all kinds of racking systems since 1947, part of the Constructor Group, Norway. The Group is one of the three largest manufacturers in Europe of such equipment.

The company has factories in Germany, Romania, the Netherlands and Russia, and the products produced in its factories are characterized by very high quality and durability.

TechnoLift Bulgaria Ltd. offers the following types of machines and equipment:

Electric conveyors - new and used with the STILL brand - direct imports from Germany
Electric forklift trucks, brand new STILL - direct import from Germany
Motorcycles and gaskets; electric and new-used, under the STILL brand - direct import from Germany
Hand pallet trucks - new, direct import from Germany
Attachments / clips, etc. - new and second-hand brands KAUP, Bolzoni - Auramo, Cascade, Meyer and others.
Work tables and equipping platforms - new and second hand
Traction batteries for electric trucks, bushes and others.
Mobile tape systems for all bulk cargo - new and second-hand
Heavy-duty forklifts, pick-ups; cranes and more. port equipment and spare parts for them
Consulting, design, delivery and installation of any type of racking systems, produced by DEXION Storage Group

We offer not only quality and reliable equipment, but also our specialized knowledge, contacts and expertise in solving any question or case. We offer the best in every case professional solution - not just specific products and services, but also complex warehouse solutions, delivery, installation and technical support.

The main service base of the company is located in Sofia with offices in Chirpan, Veliko Tarnovo, Razgrad and Varna.

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