Km 13, Route d'El Jadida, RS1028
Oulad Azzouz, RS 1028, Province de Nouaceur

5309 Casablanca
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The VEMAT company, founded in 2008, specializes in marketing materials, supplies and services in the following areas:

Buildings & Construction
Mines and Quarries
Material for the Manufacture of Asphalt
Lifting & Material Handling
To meet but above all retain our customers, we have adopted a strategy based on the “One Stop Shop”. Therefore we offer our clients:

A wide range of equipment
A very good quality
Competitive prices
To achieve these goals, we partnered with the leading manufacturers in their respective fields namely TEREX, AMMANN, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC, and SUMITOMO. We have also set up a team of skilled technicians and trained by the manufacturers to ensure a high level of customer service in Morocco and Africa.

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