Via dell'Artigianato, 41/43
36026 Pojana Maggiore
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From the beginning
Back in 1973 – in the garage of the home of the founder, Nerio Vaccaro, to the modern production plant of Poiana Maggiore, in the province of Vicenza, a long way has been covered.
Without ever losing sight of the initial path traced from the very first years of activity, but opening up to wider avenues, where to lengthen the pace and expand the reach of the challenges to be met.

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    • crusher
    • bucket
    • shears
    • handling
    • demolition
    • recycling
    • VTN
    • crushing bucket
    • screening

    Tämä on yrityssivu yritykselle VTN EUROPE S.p.A. sijainnilla Italia, Vicenza, Pojana Maggiore.

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